When it comes to children’s entertainment, you will want a show that is equally entertaining for children as well as adults. While some entertainers may lean too far to one side of the entertainment pendulum (either too “childish” or too “sophisticated”), my show gives you the best of both worlds!

A. In addition to the magic, each show is laced with audience participation and comedy. One thing I pride myself on is making the audience part of the show – whether up on stage or in the audience, your entire group will feel part of the show and will go home feeling that they indeed were part of something unique and fun.

A. Many factors play a role in determining the fees for each show – such as the type of show you are interested in, location, date and time, show length, preparation and travel. Please fill out a request form by clicking HERE and I will provide you a quote as soon as possible.

A. Over the past two decades, I have performed in just about every type of venue – from a birthday party in someone’s living room to a community festival on a grandiose stage – my show can adapt to just about every performance scenario.

A. The Kyle Kazoo show was created with children ages 10 and under in mind. With that in mind, if you are looking for a show that is geared toward more of a “grown up” audience, I would encourage you to check out my evil (though better looking) twin Kyle Ryan! Whichever show option you decide to book, it is important to note that all my shows are family friendly and can be appreciated by all ages and demographics.

A. All of my shows are very self-contained as I bring everything I need the day of the performance. For events with a larger audience (500 or more), some additional sound, lighting and/or stage equipment may be required to ensure everyone can see and hear the show.

A. My show follows the adage of “packs small, plays big”. For the most part, I can get everything into the performance area in one trip. Once there, it usually takes me less than five minutes to get set! For larger venues or events that may have additional “moving parts” (audio technician, autograph table, etc.), I may need a little more time to become acclimated with the venue and get everything set.

A. My show does not currently feature any live animals as I find them a bit high maintenance (they can bite and, well…poop).

A. While some events by their very nature take place outside – company picnics, community festivals, etc. – I prefer to perform my show indoors as it eliminates a majority of the distractions that can come with performing outdoors (wind, rain, squirrels). That being said, if your event is as such to where no indoor option is available, we can make arrangements ahead of time to ensure we are all on the same page with regard to show expectations.

A. While I’m based in Houston, I’ll travel anywhere there’s fun to be had!

His skills blew the children away and left them wanting to see more. The adults were equally impressed. I look forward to working with him again at our next event.

– Colleen O. Primrose Schools

Kid friendly, mother approved! Excellent performance! It was funny, very entertaining and above all he brought the magic. The age range for the kids were from 3-13 and all were focused on! He made my daughter feel very special by giving her a gift which was a nice touch. I would recommend Mr. Ryan for any event. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.”

– Laurencia B. Houston, TX

VERY entertaining, not only for the students but for the teachers as well! We definitely want to hire him again to do a show for our younger students. I highly recommend him for any occasion to perform the best magic show ever!

– Meagan M. Young Leaders Preschool & Childcare Enhancement